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Protect yourself and your family against Covid 19

A lot of information is being presented about how to help prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) from affecting you and your family.

Perhaps the most important thing to know is that medical experts agree that one of the best ways to stay  is to use hand sanitizer to help rid your hands of unwanted germs.

You know you need to keep your hands clean. As much as your hands serve you, they also put germs in contact with your mouth, eyes, nose, and many other parts of your body.

That’s why I owe it to you to introduce you to SAFETYGROUND hand sanitizers.

SAFETYGROUND hand sanitizers come in two forms: Spray and Gel. The products are KFDA and FDA approved.

It has the recommended 70% ethanol (while most of the sanitizers out there only have 62%), and sterilizing power of 99.9% is guaranteed.

I know that purchases of the disinfecting gel have skyrocketed in the U.S. ever since the first case of COVID-19 hit the country. With some consumers even hoarding hand sanitizer amid the shortage, online prices for the products soared which lead to loads of other problems…

SAFETYGROUND is here to eradicate such issues.

Whether you want just a few pieces that you and your family need, or you are a business owner who owns a supermarket or a restaurant. You want it in bulk or for resell, SAFETYGROUND will get it delivered to your doorstep no matter the quantity required.

There are many benefits of using SAFETYGROUND hand sanitizers, from fighting germs efficiently to fighting them conveniently and even improving your skin as it contains green tea from nature and aloe vera moisturizing and sterilizing ingredients.

Without a doubt, using these germ-fighting products regularly throughout the day will boost your cleanliness and your health no matter where life takes you.

 Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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