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Hand sanitizer compare prices


Before 2020, hand sanitizer was possibly one of those items you never gave a 2nd thought you just grabbed whatever was near the drugstore counter and threw it in your bag for emergencies. Boy, how times have changed. You now possibly use the on-the-go germ-killer many times a day, and if you do find a stash on the drugstore shelves, it feels like winning the lottery.


In fact, a recent best Housekeeping Institute survey found that 90 percent of respondents are using hand sanitizer regularly as extra protection against the novel coronavirus, a big jump from the 60 percent who used it before the outbreak.  While washing hands with water and soap for 20 seconds is one of the best ways to avoid the spread of coronavirus, using hand sanitizer is the next best thing, particularly if you are out and about and do not have access to running water. According to the FDA, hand sanitizers meant for customer use as opposed to those used in hospitals should contain ethyl alcohol between 60% to 95% of the complete formula or isopropyl alcohol (70-91%). Ensure the product you select involves a Drug Fact label listing the active ingredients, and rub on the amount indicated on the bottle, then let hands air dry rather than wiping them off.


To sort out the best of the bunch, we compiled a list of hand sanitizers keep in mind that due to the COVID crisis, some of these can be temporarily out of stock. Here is how to keep your hands germ-free without drying them out and, in few cases even smelling such as a sweet treat.



#1 Best Value

Security Ground Hand Sanitizer, 70% Ethanol, 99.9% Sterilization –  16.9 fl oz. (500ml)     Price $4.99

SAFETYGROUND hand sanitizers contain 70% ethanol while most of the sanitizers out there only have 62%, and sterilizing power of 99.9% is guaranteed. It comes in 2 forms, Gel and Spray. The products are FDA and KFDA approved. There’re many advantages of using SAFETYGROUND hand sanitizers, from fighting germs efficiently to fighting them conveniently and even improving your skin as it contains green tea from nature and sterilizing ingredients and aloe-vera moisturizing. Without a doubt, using these germ-fighting products regularly throughout the day will boost your cleanliness and your health no matter where life takes you.




Mega babe Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer – 2oz (59ml)    Price $6

This pocket-size hand sanitizer is a good one. It has 62% ethyl alcohol as well as the light and citrusy aroma of bergamot and orange.




Touch land Power Mist – 1.3 fl oz( 38 ml)  Price $12

This sanitizer makes sanitizing simple and spritzes moisturizing oils, like lemon and lime essential oils, with the germ-fighting ethyl alcohol at 67 percent.




Humankind Hand Sanitizer – 8 fl oz(236ml)     Price $20

Humankind is all about promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Its ethically-made sanitizer is available in grapefruit or unscented formulas and boasts a 65 percent hyaluronic acid and alcohol concentration, an anti-aging ingredient aiding in skin hold water. In an effort to reduce waste, its 8-ounce bottle is produced from aluminum and holds sufficient product to refill a pocket-sized bottle four times. $1 from every sanitizer sold is donated to The Robin Hood Relief fund in NY City.




Clark’s Botanicals Hand Sanitizer – 4 fl oz(120ml)    Price: $10

This company has devoted all of the production capacity to hand sanitizer. Similar to the brand’s other skincare products, the new formula for sanitizer is gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.




Vega our Hand Sanitizer Spray – 6 fl oz(177ml)     Price: $16

Glamour’s plant-based option smells such as calming lavender and citrus peel, and it delivers a 75 percent alcohol concentration in each spray. The vegan ingredients will not dry out hands thanks to skin-friendly agents such as morula oil and aloe vera.




NXN Beauty Advanced Hand Sanitizer(3pack)  36 fl oz(1062ml)     Price: $39

Decrease waste by opting for a bulk container of hand sanitizer like this almost-36-ounce pick. Its pump dispenser makes applying the fast-drying gel a breeze and you will love that it has a 70% ethyl alcohol concentration, but yet smells like lavender. Plus, it arrives at most addresses in under a week.




Highline Wellness CBD Hand Sanitizer – 2 fl. oz (60ml)       Price: $7

CBD supplement company Highline Wellness joined the list of unexpected brands launching hand sanitizer this spring with the development of its first CBD hand sanitizer. The premium pick contains 70 percent isopropyl alcohol along with a hydrating dose of aloe vera and 100 mg of CBD. Once applied, it dries in under 30 seconds to leave skin germ-free and feeling clean. Best of all, your purchase will qualify for a monetary donation to the cause of your option through Shopping Gives.




Peter Thomas Roth Hand Sanitizer 2 fl. oz (60ml)       Price $10

Celebrity-adored skincare brand Peter Thomas Roth launched its first-ever hand sanitizer in April, and it does not disappoint. The two-ounce bottle contains the high alcohol concentration on this list, 80%, along with a hydrating boost of glycerin. Plus, your purchase supports the beauty brand’s initiative to give up to 5,000 bottles of the sanitizer to New York’s large healthcare provider, Northwell Health Hospitals.



Previse Hand Sanitizer 2 fl. oz (60ml)          Price $7

Previse produced hand sanitizer overnight due to spike in demand. The brand kept skincare in mind while developing the sanitizer, making necessary ingredients such as 75% alcohol and hydrogen peroxide with a hydrating boost of glycerin to prevent skin from drying out post-application. And yes, it is yet vegan.



Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer 2 fl. oz (60ml)       Price $14.00

Intelligent Nutrients is committed to using Certified Organic and food-grade ingredients as much as possible with 62% alcohol as the active, the spritz goes on clean while lifting your mood with a blend of peppermint and vanilla essential oils. Our Beauty Lab experts found the scents refreshing and herbaceous.

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